A customized Ordination/Licensing Track is also offered by the City Vision Institute in partnership with Mission River.  Here’s how the process works:

STEP ONE: Pay $100 fee for a Customized Ordination/License Evaluation and we will examine your prior educational, working/job/business, and church experiences.   From this Customized Evaluation Process we will determine where you are at and what gaps remain in your process towards your ordination/licensing creating your own Customized Ordination/License Completion Program.  You must also agree to the City Vision Institute’s Statement of Faith.

STEP TWO: From your own Customized Ordination/License Completion Program you may be asked to take some courses from either the Bible Track or from the Leadership Track or some special course modules from the Ordination/License Track Courses below:

  • Ministerial Ethics

  • Leadership Guidelines

  • Church Planting

  • Preparing and Preaching Bible Messages

  • Church Business Practices

  • Introduction to Pastoral Counseling

  • Missions: Global and Glocal

  • Other Special Learning Modules

Delivery Methods: These special course modules may be in a variety of forms:

Special Mini-Weekend Intensives (Friday night 6-10 p.m.-all day Saturday 9 a.m.-5 p.m.).
Hands on experiential Mentorship/Apprenticeship/Internship/Coaching.
Special Seminars and Retreats.

STEP THREE: Once your Customized Ordination/License Completion Program is completed you will be asked to write your own complete Statement of Doctrine/Faith.  With your own Statement of Doctrine/Faith you will be asked to present your theological positions in an oral interview with the Mission River Ordination Committee.  When you are approved by this Committee you will  be granted your formal Ordination/License in a public celebration ceremony with your friends and family.  At this time you will be able to use the formal title Reverend legally and be able to perform public certain rights and ceremonies and also receive IRS legal tax deductions and other benefits.  Upon you’re receiving your Ordination/License from Mission River you will be required to submit a $200 annual fee to Mission River in order to keep your Ordination/License current.  Failure to pay the annual fee may lead to your Ordination/Licensing being suspended.


Contact:  612-396-3091