• 101 or less Level: Personal Quiet time, most Bible studies, most adult Sunday morning classes.

  • 201 Level: Bible Study Fellowship classes (BSF).  

  • 301 Level: City Vision Institute courses.

  • 401 Level: Christian college level degree classes.

  • 501 Level: Christian seminary level degree classes.

  • 601 Level: Bethlehem Baptist Seminary classes.


Contact:  612-396-3091

  • Audience for Classes: Goal is to have intergenerational and multi-cultural/ethnic students in each class.

  • Lay leaders/people

  • Those needing CEUs

  • College/seminary students

  • Pastors and church planters (including ethnic/immigrant leaders who will mostly be in the Ordination/Licensing Track).

  • Anyone interested in growing in their Christian faith and walk.


  • Attract the innovators and early adopters, give them good Kingdom DNA and train the students to grow and go and be deployed out into their communities and to reach the gaps through apologetics, outreach, evangelism, and church planting.

  • Fill in gaps in the students learning and practice

  • Get all the students engaged in their next level of learning trying to create tipping point movements in their communities and the world.

  • Focus on an integrated teaching and practice of head, heart, and hands.


All professors and instructors are college/seminary professors and pastors/leaders who will teach both intellectual content and practical ministry practices in an integrated manner.

Rev. Dr. John A. Mayer is the Professor of Record and the President of the City Vision Institute